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in a Tibetan autonomous prefecture in southwest▓ China's Sichuan Province. 銆€銆€The "Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Ecology Protection and Animal Husbandry R&D Base" ▓lies in Hongyuan County, Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture in northwestern Sichuan and is s▓et to be finished within the yea

r. 銆€銆€Undated file photo▓ shows a grassland alongside the Qinghai-Tibet Railway. A research and development base for ecology protection and a▓nimal husbandry on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau started b▓uilding in a Tibetan autonomous prefecture in south▓west China's S

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ichuan Province. (Xinhua Photo)銆€銆€Undertak▓en by Southwest University for Nationalities, the base aims to make full use of the university's advantages in t▓echnology and promote the social and economic development in regions inhabited by ethnic groups. 銆€銆€Wen Yongli, vice director of the man

agement committee of the R&D base, said upon completion, the base wi▓ll cover an area of 2600 mu (173 ha) and has five industrial parks, including a technology park for highland animal husbandry, research and development park for grass ▓resources, protection a

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nd utilization park for unique bio▓tic resources. 銆€銆€The building of such a base will help transform the traditional animal husbandry business on hi

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ghland into a modern one, said Deng Zhenyan, head▓ of Hongyuan County. Meanwhile, it can provide a platform▓ for local farmers and herders to get rich and enjoy a better life, he added. The National Zoological Museum, the largest in China, will formally open for business on July 1.On May 17, at the National Zoological Museum, a 3-met

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er high Asian elephant specimen is standing to the left of the entrance and a 24-meter long blue whale skeleton specimen sticks out high i

n the front. Additionally, the South China Tiger and Yangtze River Dolphin are exhibited in the Endangered Animal Exhibition Ha▓ll.Huang Chengming, director of the museum, said that out of the 5,000-plus specimens, endangered animals, repti▓les, amphibians, fish

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